The Tolka River Project is a Community Based Rehabilitation Programme. We deliver quality and certified Rehabilitation programmes to assist the recovery process. Our programme is focussed on clients having the opportunity to focus on their chosen recovery path. We use evidence based treatment interventions to guide this process. The programme is 12 months in duration and we also provide an Aftercare programme based on SMART Recovery.

The Project opened in July 2008 after a period of closure. The project opened with the support from Coolmine Therapeutic Community, Fingal Co.Co and the BLDTF (Blanchardstown Local Drugs Task Force) in addition to other local services.

The first 6 months we delivered a pilot program in order to evaluate local needs and client interest. During this the project received the support of the HSE and FÁS (now DSP) and also the local adult education services. 

Since then the project has grown significantly from a 7 client program to a program that on a weekly basis has 30 clients using our services. For a project with a small staff team this is a huge number. 

The project is at the forefront of the implementation and sustainment of evidence based treatments such as CRA (Community Reinforcement Approach)