I was asked to write a short piece on my journey through Tolka River, this is as best as I can describe it.

I had 4 assessments before I actually started, I felt so low because of my drug use and everything that comes with it. I started the programme in 2015, settling into group work was difficult at the start, if I remember correctly it was 6 months before I felt comfortable enough to talk about myself. I still struggled to adjust to life without the only thing I loved most in the world, Drugs and Drink. I felt I needed my drug of choice ( any drug ) to feel “normal” as I lacked in emotions, feeling nervous, self conscious and sweating around other people was the norm to my life without using. I had issues and resentments with how I was. I only heard some of these “new” words during my time there. I did make some Bad decisions. When I finally earned to Be honest with the staff slowly but surely I became me.

I had not been in a treatment centre before but I’m glad I was with Tolka River. I have made real relationships and I got everyone back in my life.

Which is very lucky because this is not always the case. Even with constant relapse and written warnings the staff of TRP stood behind me even though I thought I couldn’t achieve anything. I am in a job I like, I am studying, I am growing. Now I can be me.