Tolka River AdmissionEntry Criteria and Process of admission 

Entry to the project is very straight forward; all proposed participants must reach these required goals before commencing the service.

  • Referral from recognised referring agent BIPI, HSE Addiction Services, GP, other Addiction Service.
  • Eligible for Community Employment
  • We accept both Drug and Alcohol free referral and referrals for those Stabilized in a Medication Assisted Treatment plan, this may mean methadone, other opiate substitution or on prescribed medications. 
  • Willingness and ability to engage in a rehabilitation/vocational/training programme.
  • Is assessed by Project Staff and deemed suitable at clinical team meeting
  • Urine screenings prove drug free status from street drugs/non prescribed drugs
  • Lives within required catchment area of Dublin 15 or using services in Dublin 15. We will also accept referrals from outside the catchment once the client can demonstrate ability to attend daily. 
  • It is also not acceptable that same family members are on the main programme at the same time or those in an intimate relationship as this may impede or dilute the process of a successful rehabilitation.

Besides these main guidelines of criteria the project can deem a client unsuitable if there are serious mental health concerns or there are concerns re criminal activity or anything else that may impede a successful recovery/rehabilitation process.

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Process of Admission 

Admission to Tolka is designed to be structured and ensure ease of access to the programme for all clients. Upon referral several staff team actions occur;

  • Receipt of referral
  • Brought to next staff team meeting for discussion
  • 1st visit offered to client
  • 2nd visit assessment in some cases more than one session may be required to complete the assessment.
  • 3rd visit- further assessment work is carried out 
  • 4th complete assessment plus evaluate needs going forward and subsequent presentation by assessment officer at next clinical meeting. Client will either be offered a place or not pending assessment outcome.
  • If successful a place offered on the following rehab day.

The project accepts referrals from all of Dublin 15 and in certain circumstances from outside the area.  


Assessments are carried out over 1-4 sessions and are done by our Preparation and Assessment team. Assessment is an important part of the process as it allows time for the client and staff to evaluate that Tolka River is best matched to the client’s needs. Assessments are carried out in 1:1 sessions only. We use this setting to develop rapport and enhance the likelihood of the client remaining in rehabilitation. Once deemed suitable the client will be progressed to the New Beginnings program which is an 8 week program.