The Community Reinforcement Approach or CRA is the core approach used throughout the service. It is a comprehensive behavioural program that is personalised to each client. Using this evidence based treatment approach places our project in a unique position, as very few other projects use only evidence based treatments (EBT).

The Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA) is a comprehensive behavioural program for treating substance-abuse problems. It is based on the belief that environmental contingencies can play a powerful role in encouraging or discouraging drinking or drug use. Consequently, it utilizes social, recreational, familial, and vocational reinforcers to assist clients in the recovery process. Its goal is to make a sober/drug free lifestyle more rewarding than the use of substances.

The Tolka River Project has been at the forefront of the adaption of this into Ireland as a core treatment intervention. Training began in 2010 in the Blanchardstown via the Local Drugs Task Force. Tolka remained involved thereafter and our Manager is currently the Chair of the CRA Network of Ireland. Which is a managing body of the approach in Ireland.