Stage 1: New Beginnings

6 months; 5 day week; 2 Staff Program

Medication-Assisted Recovery and Drug-Free

This is the first stage of the programme and consists of a structured weekly program of activities. The rehab team work with the client group to develop care plans via case work. 

The emphasis of this programme is to begin the more formal process of rehabilitation. Via group work sessions designed to assist the development of rehabilitation we work on key issues surrounding grounding the client in the here and now and working towards key goals that will increase their recovery process. 

The development of a Care Plan through case work is increased at this time and with the client we develop this over the course of being in the New Beginnings programme. 

Care Planning is crucial aspect of the Tolka River Project and we utilise this throughout each client’s time on the project. During this time clients work very closely with their assigned case worker to develop care plans that will enhance the rehabilitation process based on the client’s vision for their recovery.

The group programme for this part of Tolka River is very similar to the next stage however it varies in intensity. 

This service is 5 days a week and over the course of the 6 months each client will attend the aforementioned evidence based group sessions. 


  • Case Review every 4 weeks to develop progression
  • Weekly Case Work Sessions
  • Motivational group work programme
  • Attend the 6-month group programme
  • 3-way meetings and interventions where appropriate
  • Comprehensive Assessment/ Completion
  • Emphasis on full stability


  • Psycho-Educational Workshops
  • Education and Training Programmes
  • CRA Programme
  • Social Club Attendance


Stage 2: Discovery 

8 months; 4-day week; 2 staff program.

Total Abstinent group

This stage is aimed at providing a more intensive approach to your recovery and gain insight into the deeper underlying issues surrounding the client’s life. Group sessions will focus on emotional and personal development in addition to behavioural change.

Discovery is as it sounds a time to discover and recover who you are and who you want to be!

We use psycho-educational workshops extensively at this stage to develop the many aspects of rehabilitation and nurture the process of rehabilitation and recovery; we explore areas such as relapse prevention, recovery management, personal, physical and mental health, this is in addition to a range of workshops on Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA) anger management, Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention (MBRP). All this is complimented by the case management structure of weekly case work sessions which aid and foster the client during what can be a difficult but joyous journey of Discovery. 

Case Management system. 

This structure is increased significantly at this stage and how it works is each Friday the clinical staff team meet and present and discuss 2 cases per staff member. At this point issues are clinically discussed and recommendations for each case put to the staff team. This subsequently allows us to make informed decisions and see how each client is progressing. 

The client is part of this process in so far as in New Beginnings there is 4 weekly review and Discovery 8 weekly review. During this review the client, Case Worker and Case Manager meet to discuss the overall Care Plan and develop the next one.


  • Formal Care Planning
  • Dedicated Staff Team
  • 8-month Rehab Programme
  • Weekly Case Work Sessions
  • Case Review/Care Plan meetings


  • Self awareness
  • Anger Management Programme
  • CRA Programme
  • Relapse/Recovery Management Programme
  • Emotional Intelligence


Stage 3: Pathways

2-6 months; 5-day week; 2 staff program.

Mixed method move on group either fully stable or drug-free.

This group program is for those in the move on process. At this stage of the program, clients can prepare for the next stage of their recovery process, be it detoxification, drug free rehabilitation, employment or education. 

The group work program is designed to enhance the skills and care plans of each client. 

Job placement for those seeking employment is also supported.

Programme Completion at 12 months. 


  • Progression groups
  • Psycho-Educational Workshops
  • Structured Care Planning
  • 2-6-month Programme
  • Weekly 1:1 Session
  • Group Sessions
  • Mindfulness RP/Yoga Holistic Sessions
  • Specialised Care Plans