Training and Education Service

 Running parallel the main program is an education service operated by the local adult education Service AKSES.  There are classes in English, Computers, Maths and Communications at Fetac Level 3 and 4 level. The project views this as a core part of the program as education is crucial in the recovery process. This service has being in operation since the project reopened in 2008. Currently we support the delivery of Personal Development Training and Money Management on site. On Thursday the off-site training is delivered by AKSES in Blanchardstown Village. 

For those with more pressing educational needs such as literacy and numerical difficulties there are one to one sessions available. This is assessed via both TRP staff at our assessment stage and with the AKSES staff. 

Our experience of having education as a core function of the programme is only positive, as this side of recovery is so often left undernourished. We believe that addressing this and having an option at the start of the recovery continuum clients are better served in the long term of their journey.